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My name is Kyle Oxenham, I have been practicing IM for about 14 years, and have been able to build a good career from what I have learned going from self-taught, to contract, agency, in-house specializing in paid advertising. So my strengths are in traffic generation, especially paid, with a strong background in SEO.

One of the skills that I have still yet to master is building a profitable email list of at least 5000 subscribers. Building a list in not rocket science, but sometimes it sure feels like that when you are trying to figure it all our or implement a system that works.

Often I would start to build a list, but maybe it’s the wrong niche, I lost interest, not enough products, ran out of motivation. Getting excited at the begging is one thing, but it’s easy to lose motivation, confidence and direction. Asking myself “I’m I doing the right things? I’m I wasting my time? Will this lead nowhere? Am I working in vain?”

Not knowing if I am on the right track to succeed in list building is a tough place to be, because it takes a great amount of effort to build a list organically, and when using paid tactics can be costly if you are not generating sales to help pay for ad costs. So it is too easy to get off track or not know what to do next.

That is why I decided to hire a coach to help me, and I can show you my progress along the way. What works and what doesn’t, hopefully saving you time and resources as if you had your own coach too.

The place I always wanted to get too is to be able to build a list where the list pays for advertising costs. So for example, you get a subscriber for $1, you get 10 subs, 1 converts to a sale for a $10 ebook, paying for your ad costs and those 10 subs, so I am building my list for free at that point.

That would be so powerful, and takes a system to make it happen. And getting help from a coach to guide me down the right path to avoid the mistake and time wasted, and the agony of not knowing what the best next move is, is exactly what I needed.

I always knew and wanted a coach to help with building a profitable list, and I interview a few coaches before picking one. Pricing for coaching is the main reason I took so long to get a coach, many coaches want thousands up front, and it was either pay them or pay rent for a couple months, I couldn’t take the risk. So I saved up, and kept looking, and I finally found a coach that was successful at list building, making over $10K/mth and rate was reasonable, I took the leap and hired my coach.